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I hope I will answer that questions …

  1. Why enricmoreno.com blog? – Most of the times when I post a photo I need more space to talk about the photo, things like when was shooted, how I shoot it and so on, the blog section gives me the ability to talk about that. Sometimes this blog will give me the opportunity to show you videos, news and another things that I consider important to share with all of you.

  2. Why enricmoreno.com blog new design? – The old design of the blog was a bit charger for me, I want for the blog section a minimalistic design, simple and clean, this if for give prominence to words and  images, that are the real players.

  3. You are from Spain, why English? – Yes, I’m from Alicante, Spain, but I choose to write in English my photoblog and blog because I want to improve my English knowledge, I study English in High School, but after that I didn’t studied any more, I hope that writing this blog will rocket my English.

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